Ep. 23: One Direction, Drag Me Down, Zayn Malik, Real Music,Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen, Fuller House, Raven-Symone, Apple Fritters, John Green, Cara Delevigne, Gary Merrill

July 31, 2015

Episode 23: Joal discusses Zayn Malik, #realmusic and the David Caruso and J.C. Chasez principles, and why One Direction fans' insta-covers of "Drag Me Down" disprove Jeb Bush's implications that Americans don't work hard enough. 

Elsewhere, she urges the Olsen Twins to stay strong, and stay out of Fuller House, and imagines a life where she was a child on a TV show being tempted and tormented with craft-services apple fritters much as Raven-Symone was tempted with craft-services bagels on The Cosby Show.

Plus,in a shameless ploy for clicks and downloads, she notes the 100th birthday of Bette Davis' fourth husband. 


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