Ep. 35: The Man in the High Castle, 11.22.63, American Idol, Oscar Nominations, Pete’s Dragon, Rizzoli & Isles

December 31, 2015

Episode 35: Joal's holiday present for you: a listicle! Specifically, her 12 totally random and arbitrary pop-culture things she's looking forward to in 2016. Somehow, Rizzoli & Isles is discussed, as is her totally exclusive finding that Robert Redford will be way older in the new Pete's Dragon than Mickey Rooney was in the old Pete's Dragon.

And, yes, she knows Man in the High Castle won't necessarily be back in 2016 with new episodes, but she can hope.  

Plus, a conversation with a 9-year-old about the only holiday season in which he'll be a 9-year-old. Mass shootings are, of course, discussed. Thanks, America. 

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